Art Education associate professor Donalyn Heise invited to lead National Art Education Association webinar

Visiting Associate Professor of Art Education Donalyn Heise will lead a National Art Education Association (NAEA) research webinar on Thursday, January 23, 2020 titled, "Fostering Resilience During Turbulent Times Through Educator Self-Care." 


When traveling on airplanes, adults are asked to secure their own oxygen masks before assisting children. This directive can also apply to art educators, who often find themselves challenged by the variety of challenges our learners encounter and bring with them to the classroom. Research indicates that educators should develop social–emotional competencies, be able to manage their stress and regulate their emotions, and strive to develop resilience. It is imperative that educators recognize their need for self-care, are equipped with an understanding of what self-care is, and know what they can do to develop this practice. Self-care for busy educators is not a selfish use of one’s time. In fact, by tending to our own self-care needs, we are better able to support our learners. This session, organized by the NAEA Research Commission’s Professional Learning Through Research Working Group, explores how self-care can contribute to our professional success.

Registration can be found on the NAEA Research Commission page

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