Shaun Lane and Paige Gandara-Valderas present NAEA Webcast "Equitable Access: Removing Barriers to Learning in Digital Spaces"

NAEA's monthly Need to Know Webcasts highlight topics of interest for art educators to spark conversation around ideas in the field. This series is open and free for everyone. On December 3, 2020, master's candidates in Art Education and full time arts educators Shaun Lane and Paige Gandara-Valderas presented a webinar titled "Equitable Access: Removing Barriers to Learning in Digital Spaces."

"With the sudden shutdown of schools in the spring of 2020, educational institutions of all levels and iterations were forced into new, foreign digital learning arenas. While many institutions have made efforts to increase digital literacy, access to technology is often relegated to funding, which is still taking steps toward being sufficient across the country. Coupled with varying access to that same technology in homes of educators and learners alike, the lack of equity in this new digital learning environment became glaringly apparent. The challenges persisted—and even knowledge, and technology has been a daunting task—but an attainable one. This webcast seeks to share the insights of those resolute educators who have found how to connect with their learners in spite of such barriers. The goal of the webcast is to pass on the knowledge of researchers, teachers, and program leaders who’ve found alternatives for technology access to level the playing eld, and to share pedagogical tips that make the learning process in digital spaces more equitable for everyone."



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