In a Big 12 faculty collaboration, Dr. Terese Giobbia, Associate Professor of Art Education at West Virginia University, will visit the art education program at UT Austin from April 1 – 15, 2022. During her visit, Giobbia will work with Dr. Christopher Adejumo, Associate Professor of Art Education at UT Austin, and the graduate students enrolled in his course on Program Development in Community-Based Art Education, which include Carlos Becerril Tella, Alice Brandenburg, Kathleen Eader, Abigail Emerson, Arianna Hernandez-Baptiste, and Ryene Sanders.

Together, Giobbia, Adejumo, and these graduate students will undertake a collaborative art project with Central Texas Autism Center (CTAC). The collaboration with CTAC was facilitated by Shea Braumuller, who is also a graduate student in the art education program and Adejumo’s Teaching Assistant for the course.  

A unique aspect of this Big 12 collaboration is that Professor Giobbia will drive “The Art Van” from Morgan Town to Austin, bringing with her all the art supplies and items needed for the collaborative art project, including furniture. The collaborative project will entail exploration of selected art mediums including clay, yarn painting, and quilting with oil pastel paintings. The primary goal of this collaborative project is to facilitate artistic activities that will enhance the cognitive skills of learners with autism through explorative visual composition. At CTAC, the collaborating professors and graduate students will work with learners in two age groups, 4-9 years and 11-15 years. 

April 1, 2022
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