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Laura Brown: COMING SOON! at the Soap Factory

artwork by Laura Brown in gallery

Alumna Laura Brown (MFA in Studio Art, 2017) presents a new exhibition of work at the Soap Factory, titled COMING SOON!, on view from July 1 – August 23, 2017. An outdoor installation, COMING SOON! will see Brown build upon her UT Austin thesis work utilizing screen printed, faux “construction signs” around the perimeter of the Soap Factory. In addition to the exhibition, Brown will also host two screen printing workshops.

The prints’ shapes and placement will allude to common safety signs found in construction zones. In this way the pieces will act as artworks hidden in plain sight to activate the exterior and build anticipation for the soon-to-be renovated Soap Factory building.

In their latest Soapcast episode, Brown spoke with Soap Factory staff about the genesis of this work and her continued interest in “signs, singage and how text lives in the world.” Navigating UT Austin construction zones and the disorienting U.S. political climate, became points of reference to reflect upon a sense of upheavel in COMING SOON!.