Lecturer Marie Lorenz featured in University at Buffalo Art Galleries

matte painted detritus strung from the ceiling

Wanderlust: Actions, Traces, Journeys 1967-2017, is a 50-year survey exhibition that considers the themes of action and exploration outside of the studio and how artists engage this theme in various ways. On display at the UB Art Galleries, Wanderlust features the work of The University of Texas at Austin Studio Art Lecturer Marie Lorenz. The exhibition will be on view through Dec. 31, before traveling to the Des Moines Art Center, where it will open on Feb. 18, 2018. 

The UB Art Galleries frame Wanderlust as one of their most ambitious exhibitions, one that questions and explores the complex nature of artists as voyagers — those who leave their studios to create work outside of the confines of four walls. It is a comprehensive survey of the artist’s need to roam and the work that emerges from this need.

Featuring artists from across the United States as well as Canada, Italy, Israel, Mexico, the Netherlands, Palestine and Poland; the Wanderlust has work representing every decade from the last 50 years. As described by Rachel Adams, the exhibition's curator, "Wanderlust showcases work by more than 40 artists, with under-recognized and emerging artists alongside pioneers in the field of contemporary art." 

Artwork ranges from drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, film and video to performance and social practice taking place in both urban and rural landscapes, and includes works that are narrative, political, performative, and conceptual examples of contemporary art. 

Lorenz’s Gyre is a series of found objects from her trip down the Erie Canal in the summer of 2017 that have been cast in porcelain. She explores urban waterways, collecting and documenting found objects and recording them in different ways, by printing, casting, or making videos. She received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from Yale. Lorenz has received grants from Artists Space, the Harpo Foundation, and the Alice Kimball English Travel Fellowship. In 2008, she was awarded the Joseph H. Hazen Rome Prize for the American Academy in Rome.

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