Longhorns at the 2021 National Art Education Association's Virtual 2021 Conference

The National Art Education Association (NAEA) responded to an unprecedented school year for arts educators by launching their annual conference in a virtual format on March 4–7, 2021. Emphasizing the importance of arts educators in serving all students,NAEA invites educators to continuously develop new skills and instructional approaches during the course of the conference to fulfill the potential of each classroom.

The following is a representation of The University of Texas at Austin's Art Education program contributions to the annual conference by way of presentations and panel participation from both current faculty and alumni. In addition to conference participation, many students and alumni from UT Austin also now serve on NAEA's boards and interest groups, including master's candidate Shaun Lane who was recently appointed to NAEA's Professional Learning through Research Working Group (PLR)


1 pm
Session: Rhythms that Heal: Sculptures that Reveal African American Experiences 
UT Art Education master's candidate Erin Frisch

Thursday, March 4

3 pm 
Session: Investigating Nontraditional Pedagogies in Art Education: A Convergence of Historical Perspectives and Contemporary Art Practices
UT Art Education master's candidates Shaun Lane and Daedelus Hoffman, alongside Joana Hyatt and Tracey Hunter-Doniger
This session will showcase preservice teachers' diverse range of research practices, strategies, and approaches concerning nontraditional pedagogical practices in art education, such as choice-based and online learning. 

Friday, March 5

1 pm
Session: Patterns and Pathways: A Decade of Data on Art Teacher Certification
UT Associate Professor in Art Education Christina Bain co-presenting alongside Sean Justice
A decade of data acquired from our state accreditation agency reveals patterns and raises questions pertaining to art teacher certification pathways.

2 pm
Session: An Art Educator's Guide to Makerspaces
UT Art Education master's candidate Daedelus Hoffman
This session will equip teachers with evidence-based best practices to confidently navigate and negotiate makerspaces—interdisciplinary, technology-rich spaces.

2 pm
Session: Trauma, Art, and the Children We Teach
UT Visiting Associate Professor Donalyn Heise co-presenting alongside Beverley Johns and Adrienne Hunter
With increasing number of students having experienced psychological trauma, art educators need effective interventions to help all students succeed. Innovative art teaching techniques plus student artwork will be shared.

6 pm
Session: So Many Worries and Fears: Supporting Children With Anxiety Through Visual Arts Education
UT Visiting Associate Professor Donalyn Heise co-presenting alongside Beverley Johns and Adrienne Hunter
This session presents an overview of anxiety and guiding principles for meaningful art education, including student artwork and lessons to help students cope with anxiety, worries, and fears. 

Saturday, March 6

6 pm
Session: Front and Center: Contemporary Female Artists of Color in Art Curriculum
UT Associate Professor in Art Education Christina Bain, Art Education alumnae Serena Bheodari (MA, 2019), Elainy Lopez (MA, 2019), and Sakurako Stephens (MA, 2019)This session features the work of three contemporary female artists of color: Roshini Kempadoo, Sama Alshaibi, and Jennifer Ling Datchuk. Learn how these female artists' work can be front and center in YOUR art curriculum.

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