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Michael Charlesworth presents "Sri Lanka to the Western Front: Farrer's Buddhism" at British Library in London

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Professor of Art History Michael Charlesworth spoke at the British Library's "South Asia Series" of talks, based on their ‘Two Centuries of Indian Print’ Project and the South Asia Collection. Topics of the talks among the speakers ranged from the 16th-century founder of the Mughal Empire, to Indian theater and Shakespeare in South India. Charlesworth gave a lecture on the works of Reginald Farrer (1880-1920), who was an alpine plant collector, gardener and the garden writer who single-handedly changed the way the anglophone world writes about garden plants. The talk entitled “From Sri Lanka to the Western Front: Reginald Farrer's Buddhism” traced the energy of Buddhist thought in varied works by Farrer, particularly in his account of temples and ruined cities.