UT Art and Art History at the College Art Association's 2021 virtual conference

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the College Art Association's (CAA) annual conference will be held as a virtual program on February 10-13, 2021. Materials announcing the 2021 iteration of the conference signal the virtual format as an initial part of the association’s digital transformation.

The following is an outline of the Department of Art and Art History's representation at the 2021 CAA conference

Wednesday, February 10

5 pm – Session: Dislocating Kababayan: Unstable Communities in Filipinx and Filipinx American Art

  • Jessamine Batario, Art History alumna (MA, 2012; PhD, 2018), co-chair

Thursday, February 11

9 am – Session: Video and Environment: Then and Now

  • Kara Carmack, Art History alumna (MA, 2010; PhD, 2018), chair 

3 pm – Publications Committee: Art Journal at Eighty

  • Eddie Chambers, UT Austin Art History Professor, Writing Art Criticism and Art History in the Age of Black Lives Matter

5 pm – Session: Agitators and Aggregators: New Cycles of Contemporary Art History

  • Katie Anania, Art History alumna (MA, 2009; PhD, 2016), chair
  • Rose G. Salseda, Art History alumna (MA, 2009; PhD, 2018), panel discussant 
  • Andy Campbell, Art History alumnus (MA, 2006; PhD, 2012), panel discussant 

5 pm – Session: Analog Research and the Limits of the Digital in the Age of COVID-19

  • Caitlin Haskell, Art History alumna (MA, 2006; PhD, 2012), The Making of Ray Johnson c/o

Friday, February 12

9 am – Session: Conceptual Art’s Politics of Identity

  • Ariel Evans, Art History alumna (MA, 2008; PhD, 2018), chair

11 am – Session: How Exhibitions and Collections Have Shaped the History of Art of Brazil

  • Maria Teresa Rodriguez Binnie, Art History alumna (MA, 2011; PhD, 2017), On Vertices and Ruptures: The 1977 Projeto Construtivo Brasileiro na Arte

11 am – Session: CAA-Getty Global Conversation II: The Climate Crisis, Pandemics, Art, and Scholarship

  • Anne Collins Goodyear, Art History alumna (MA, 1994; PhD, 2002), panel discussant

1 pm – Session: Undergraduate Research in Art, Art History, and Museum Studies

  • Alexandra Kader, Senior Art History major, Intersectional Ana Mendieta

1 pm – Session: “Italianicity is not Italy”: Questioning Italian Art History

  • Allison Kim, Art History alumna (PhD in 2019), Imprint of the Past: De-historicizing Italian Renaissance Art History

1:30 pm – Session: Artist Parent Pandemic: Survival Tactics, Resources, New and Existing Paradigms

  • Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Studio Art alumna (MFA, 2008)

3 pm – Session: African American Art in the International Arena: Critical Perspectives

3 pm – Session: Arts of the Screen in Latin America, 1968-1990

  • Dorota Biczel, Art History alumna (PhD, 2019), From Screen to Shroud: Burying the Criollo Republic with Juan Javier Salazar

5 pm – Session: 20 Years of Critical Race Art History

  • Julia Elizabeth Neal, UT Austin doctoral candidate in Art History, Learning from Teaching: Critical Race Art History and African American Art

Saturday, February 13

11 am – Session: Architectural Sculpture in the Ancient and Early Modern Periods

  • Gretel Rodríguez, Art History alumna (MA, 2012; PhD, 2018), co-chair
  • Meghan Rubenstein,Art History alumna (PhD, 2015), co-chair
  • Breton Adam Langendorfer, Art History alumnus (MA in 2012), Achaemenid Syntax: Architecture, Metalware, and Imperial Modularity

11:30 am – Session: TFAP Ecofeminisms, part 3 – Landscapes

  • Nicole Awai, UT Austin Studio Art Professor, Oozing Between: Transgressive Material Realities

1 pm – Session: World Fairs and Festivals since the 1800s

  • Chasitie Brown, UT Austin doctoral candidate in Art History, Without the Whips: Curating the Caribbean in the Guyana CARIFESTA (1972)
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