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Undergraduate Studio Art Program

The undergraduate Studio Art program offers comprehensive study in a close-knit community for students interested in pursuing graduate study or a professional career in the visual arts. Rather than providing degrees in a single medium (such as Painting or Photography), the undergraduate program offers two degrees in Studio Art that each allows students to take courses across five areas of study: Painting & Drawing, Photography & Media, Print, Sculpture & Extended Media, and Transmedia (video / performance / digital media).

During their first year, Studio Art students gain an introduction to the department and their major through the First-Year Core Program, a set of courses completed by all incoming students to the department that build core technical and conceptual proficiencies and prepare them for advanced study towards their degree.

As they continue in the Studio Art program, students can explore a variety of media in the program’s five areas of study, or choose to focus on fewer areas and progress from introductory to advanced courses.

To enhance studio-based coursework, students are encouraged to participate in lectures and seminars by visiting artists and critics, and seniors in the program have the opportunity to help organize and show work in an annual public exhibition.


The Studio Art BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) curriculum is designed to give students the skills to pursue a professional artistic practice of making independent work and seeking opportunities which support that endeavor, such as gallery representation, artist residencies, and professional fellowships and grants.

The Studio Art BA (Bachelor of Arts) curriculum provides many of the same skills, but is designed for students who have other interests beyond a studio practice. Many students on the BA track pursue a double major or a certificate program such as Bridging Disciplines.

Both the BFA and the BA degrees prepare students to be active in the professional art world and guide them to identify its particular facets that interest them most.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Studio Art

Total to graduate: 120 hours

Sample 4-Year Plan →

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Studio Art

  • University Core Curriculum (42 credit hours)
  • First-Year Core Studios (9)
  • Studio Art (18)
  • Art History (15)
  • Foreign Language (6)
  • Liberal Arts (15)
  • Electives (15)

Total to graduate: 120 hours

Sample 4-Year Plan →


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Student Work

installation view of artwork in gallery

If I find the things I want to see, 2019 Senior Art Exhibition

It’s Not What You Think, 2018 Senior Art Exhibition

Teeter, 2017 Senior Art Exhibition

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