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Undergraduate UTeach Art Program

Students in the undergraduate UTeach Art program earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art Studies (VAS) that prepares and certifies them to teach visual art at elementary, middle, and high school levels in Texas.

During their first year, UTeach Art students gain an introduction to the department and their major through the First-Year Core Program, a set of courses completed by all incoming students to the department that build core technical and conceptual proficiencies and prepare them for advanced study towards their degree.

As they continue in the UTeach program, students learn innovative, hands-on methods of art instruction through academic study and practical field experiences, explore contemporary issues informing socio-cultural competency, and hone their artistic skills in advanced Studio Art courses.

In their senior year, students apply their skills and develop practical experience in small classroom environments and a range of field-based sites that prepare them to become leading art educators responsive to learners.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Visual Art Studies

  • University Core Curriculum (42 credit hours)
  • First-Year Core Studios (9)
  • Visual Art Studies (27)
  • Studio Art (21)
  • Art History (12)
  • Student Teaching (6)
  • Electives (3)

Total to graduate: 120 hours

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