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Studio Art Areas of Study

Painting & Drawing

The Painting & Drawing area facilitates investigative methods and technical proficiency. Through exploration of new materials, an emphasis on interdisciplinary practices and conceptual rigor, students are encouraged to develop a mastery of materials and techniques as a means for creating contemporary art. A diverse group of faculty members offer collective strengths in creativity, professional experience, and extensive cultural investigation.

Painting & Drawing Full-time Faculty

Photography & Media

Students studying Photography & Media acquire the technical skills and creative fluency needed to create resonant visual images. Focusing on the interrelation of photography and art, courses challenge students to overcome preconceptions about the medium and strengthen their individual practices. With courses in traditional and digital processes, faculty members provide a multifaceted approach to the technical skills of image making and the conceptual foundations of photography.

Photography & Media Full-time Faculty


Students studying Print explore a variety of technical, formal, and conceptual approaches. Rather than a single specialization, students gain experience with a variety of print processes. Embracing an interdisciplinary approach to production, students learn the fundamentals of the medium and experiment—pushing the boundaries of print media. This area is home to the vibrant Guest Artist in Print Program (GAPP), which invites contemporary artists working in print media for a one week residency in the print shops to develop a new project with the assistance of Print faculty and students. Visiting artists also present a public lecture and directly engage with undergraduate and graduate students through studio visits, workshops, and/or class visits.

Print Full-time Faculty

Sculpture & Extended Media

Sculpture & Extended Media provides students with a broad range of opportunities to develop their technical and conceptual skills within the expanded field of sculpture. The strength of the faculty rests on their ability to draw from a deep well of knowledge and experience to provide new ways of thinking about emerging perspectives in art and culture. The primary goal of Sculpture & Extended Media is to facilitate—through critique and dialogue—a creative exploration of the material world for expressive possibilities.

Sculpture & Extended Media Full-time Faculty


Transmedia is an interdisciplinary field of study focused on conceptual, experimental, and innovative technical approaches to time-based art utilizing the tools of video, performance, digital, and interactive art. By nature, Transmedia resists conventional disciplinary nomenclature, and represents hybrid strategies and a critical approach to inquiry grounded in aesthetics, art history, theory, and contemporary issues. Students working in the area will be encouraged to consider a wide range of interests and disciplines in the development of a practice that finds articulation in the studio, the public sphere, and other contexts.

Transmedia Full-time Faculty

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